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Top Long Island Lawyers
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Long Island Lawyer - AREAS OF PRACTICE
·        Animal Bites- A Neighbor’s dog bit me, requiring stitches

·        Auto Accident- I was injured in a car accident.

·        Birth Injuries - My child was born brain injured or with Erb’s palsy.

·        Boat Accident – I was injured while boating.

·        Burns/Explosions – I have serious burns on my body.

·        Bus Accident – I was injured on public transportation.

·        Cerebral Palsy cases – My child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

·        Construction Injuries- I fell off a scaffold or ladder at work.

·        Defective Products – I was injured by a drug or an airbag (or other products).

·        Dental malpractice – A dentist caused me a serious injury.

·        Heparin

·        Hepatitis

·        Lead Poisoning – My child has a learning disability from eating paint chips.

·        Medical Malpractice – A doctor provided poor treatment. I was seriously injured.

·        Motorcycle Accident – If you have suffered injuries on or from a motorcycle.

·        Personal Injury – Any type of serious injury – CALL US!

·        School Injuries – My child was seriously hurt at school.

·        Slip/Fall Injuries – I fell and was badly hurt on a defective sidewalk, staircase, or wet floor.

·        Train Accident – I was involved in a train accident that caused an injury.

·        Workplace Accidents

·        Workers Compensation

·        Wrongful Death – Any type of untimely death due to someone else’s fault or defective product.

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